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Charges (Procedures)

Procedure Helena Cardiology Clinic*+ St. Peter's Hospital**+
Echocardiography w/Doppler and Color Flow $546.00 $1,360.25
Stress Echocardiography $395.00 (Technical Only)
($887.00 w/Doppler, Color Flow and Interpretation)
$770.10 (Technical Only)
Stress Testing (Treadmill) $208.00 (with interpretation) $535.50 (without interpretation)
Electrocardiogram $46.00 (tracing with interpretation) $76.90 (tracing only without interpretation)
Holter Monitor-Complete $274.00 $456.65 (hookup and recording)
$417.45 (scanning and report)
  *Complete studies including interpretations ** Unclear if interpretation included or facility fee. Effective 04/16/2014

+Note: The charges for any given patient may vary due to additional costs for supplies and medications.

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